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Hi, I'm a teenage girl and i have been fainting since i was 2 years old, i never really thought about it much even though i fainted at least once a year since then. when i was 10 i stopped fainting but then i had this one episode when i was 12 which i fainted at a gruesome book in my English lesson, i think that triggered something in my mind because now i feel faint at really small stuff like just thinking about blood and fainting. I'm really scared about going into school because the lessons might have gruesome topics, and i'm scared about things like reading books or watching films now.

It is controlling my life, i get so worried and paranoid about anything now and i'm getting a phobia of fainting and seeing blood, school is really important at the moment but its hard because i have to learn about some things that are really not nice.

At school everyone makes fun of me because i faint and they try and make me faint, they laugh about it but they don't know how serious it is and how horrible it is.

i just want something i can do that stops me thinking like this.

I really worry that when i grow up and have kids, if something happened like they cut themselves, i wouldn't be able to do anything because of my fear of blood.

I could really do with some help, thank you.


Take care of this imed. it can get worse, and can ruin your life.  The way to fix this is their are two ways  1.hypnosis can fix it in 5 minutes, if you can be hypnotized.  2. desentization. someone must help you slowly introduce you to blood, show photos first , then minor parts of what you are afraid of over a long period of time.