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I'm 23 years old and for the last year I've had stomach pains everytime I eat and when I do not eat. Some days I have none, when other days its ALL day.
I've been to my doctor and he seems to think it's nothing (all in my head), then I went and saw 2 other doctors. They ordered tests for H Pylori virus, and thyroids and gave me anti acid pills to take thinking I had acid reflux. The tests came back fine, and the pills aren't working.

Lately (last 3 days) I've had stomach pain in my upper abdominal region that is causes my breathing to be staggered and short. It feels like a hunger pain that doesn't go away even if you eat.

I've tried changing my diet and lifestyle but nothing is working, I'm at the point of madness, I've been laid off work from my illness and I can't go out without having a very bad night of stomach pains and nausea.

I've been possibly thinking it may be having to do with my unable to belch.
For my whole life I could never burp, supposably the valve in my throat doesn't open. Do you think it's an extra extra build up of gas?


Hi there,
  Gas happens to all of us and being able to expel it is a fine art in a way.
  Avoid gassy drinks like coke,7up etc
  Do not drink chinese tea without eating something that will somehow neutralise it.That includes green tea ! Earl grey with milk is ok on all accounts.
  Thirdly,have warm meals and it will help expel air from both ends.
  Try medicated chinese oil and run it on your stomach and the lower tantien,that is the region just below your belly button.
  Good luck.