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I'm an 18 year old girl and two weeks ago I started having a loss of appetite, stomach pains constantly and a sick feeling, especially after eating. I also find that if I eat too much the symptoms worsen to the point where I am very uncomfortable. There is absolutely no way I'm pregnant, just in case anyone suggests it. I'm overly concerned I think, because I am due to fly home for Christmas in a week, and I want to get the issue cleared up before I do. Thanks.



did you notice any difference in stomach pain or nausea depending on what you eat? If it's caused by acid reflux you should feel almost none of the symptoms if you stay off any spicy or fatty food, or food that has high acidic content. Also, antacids should help ease the symptoms, at least temporarily.

If you can get a doctor's appointment, than it might be worth checking out if you have H. pylori infection - it causes the exact symptoms you describe, and can be completely treated with antibiotics. Besides this, the doctor will most likely give you a prescription for omeprazole or similar medication that helps in preventing too much stomach acid to be secreted, which then eliminates stomach pain and nausea

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