Hello Everyone,

For the last 2 months ive been having soreness in my stomach along with some pain and acid reflux along with gas for most of the day i spent over 100 euros in medications this month and albeit my symptoms have gotten better i still experiencing them.

Oddly enough within the first week i also had the constant urge to poop but little would come out or nothing my doctor told me its all anxiety which i tend to suffer from but not right now thought.

He prescribed me stressam which made my constant urge to poop go away but did nothing for the other symptoms.

I switched 3 antacids im currently on nexium 40mg twice daily makes little difference whether i use this or omeprazole.

I also had blood tests taken for h pylori and a cbc came back negative and everything fine save that i have slightly high eosinophils my doctor told me not to worry.

Anybody that had some experience with these symptoms can help ? its been two months and its starting to get on my nerves.

Thank you.