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My co workers had the stomach virus last week and I had to go into work right after they'd been sick there, but I disinfected but still got the 'stomach virus' two days later. Sunday night I started having extreme nausea ( I haven't thrown up in 10 years because I'm terrified of it and when I get nausea, it's never this bad). I also had bad back pain, constipation, the inability to pass gas either way and extreme fullness in my stomach. I finally got through that night, and the past two DAYS have been okay, but then it flared up again last night to the point I couldn't sleep even for a minute. I was terribly sleepy, but couldn't go into sleep because of the nausea. I got really close to throwing up, I could feel it coming up, but I never was able to. I had a heavy feeling in my stomach like it had moved up, and I also had the urge to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't pass anything that way either. I haven't gone to the bathroom enough to make me feel better in 5 days, and am very constipated. I also, along with the nausea, have this gnawing, hollow hunger sitting in the pit of my stomach and all I can do is squirm and move around, can't sleep, don't want to eat... nothing. I'm miserable. Have been crying because I want to scream, nothing relieves this awful feeling. I've tried eating things that would help me go to the bathroom, but nothing will. Do you think all this nausea could just be extreme constipation? because I do have a bit of IBS, diagnosed by my doctor... I also have a bit of indigestion and need to burp while I'm nauseous and that sometimes makes it feel a little better.
All I know is, I've got to get this feeling out of the pit of my stomach, I am so restless and uncomfortable.. If you know anything, please help me.
I'm desperate, thanks so much...

anyone else experiencing this? or something similar?


i hope you have gotten an answer, if not take a good look at ehat you eat. Do you eat oranges often, lemons, carbinated drinks, orange/cranberry juice, certain un whole grain breads and fatty meats are all either really acidic or made up of chemicals that doesnt break down easily in your stomach. Apples, mangos, bananas, whole grain breads/cereals/pastas. Drink water, if you eat junk food, or if you.dont like cookies and brownies try replacing it with hard candy. helps you produce more saliva, which has natural chemicals to helo break down stomach acid. i felt horriblr until today, and instead of fish sticks and acidy ketchup, i ate an apple, some sliced ham, and a big glass of water; and i cant tell you how much better i felt/feel. That feeling isnt gone all the way yet, but im expecting it to be gone soon now :) hope this helped.