Upon seeing and reading through some of these forums, I really wanted to share my story in the hopes that someone may be going through the same thing OR knows of a possible solution.

In college, I was a pretty heavy drinker. In the last couple of years, I would get debilitating hangovers after a random, binge-worthy amount of alcohol was consumed and feel like 'death'. Instead of puking the night before, I would wake up with an insane migrane and over-the-top nausea - where I was puking every 10 minutes for 12 hours straight. At first it would be my initial breakfast (a banana or something - since I knew I'd be sick) and then because I couldn't keep anything down, it would be bile over and over again. The pain would last all day long and it was exhausting. It would absolutely ruin the previous night out and the thought of drinking again. Although, the problem with these hangovers is that they were SUPER temperamental (for lack of better word). They didn't happen super often and only randomly.

I'm now 26, female and I like to drink a little every night - usually a glass of wine while watching tv (nothing binge-y). Anyways, on special occasions I will drink a little more heavily with 4 drinks in a night but most times I am fine. This is what really perplexes me because I drink very little normally, a couple of beers here and there and even go out most times and am 100% fine. However, two times in the last couple of years something weird has happened. I will have a hangover and then the next few days, even sometimes weeks will feel a dull, burning and aching feeling in my left abdomen. It lasts days and I'm not sure what it is (could just be irritation but it's very weird that it doesn't feel like i'm hungover anymore but my side is telling me otherwise).

I recently went to Mexico and was staying at an all-inclusive resort. My partner and I were drinking most of the days because of the free alcohol and food but we were having a great time. Anyways, the second to last day, after drinking most of the day without drinking a lot of water, we ended up getting a little drunk and passed out early in our room. I woke up the last day of our trip feeling slightly hungover but not nauseous or anything. Honestly, it was more like a mild and normal hangover most people get. I ate like normal and after taking ibeuprofin was back in the pool hanging out and relaxing. Because I had been slightly hungover, I decided not to drink and to lay low. Anyways, after spending most of the day in the pool (and not drinking much water, hate to say...) we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. While getting ready I felt sort of bloated and uncomfortable... which turned into nausea out of no where. I ended up throwing up twice and starting having really bad stomach pain. I was super confused because I didn't drink any alcohol that entire day but thought maybe it was dehydration. I woke up the next day thinking, "well it could be a delayed hangover or food poisoning? but I almost never have pain the entire next day..." but oh was I wrong. I woke up with stark back and stomach pain, slight nausea and a fever/chills. My legs were also so achey that the pain was crazy. I ended up eating a little and drinking pedialyte and didn't feel quite as horrible. I recently got back to SF and the feverish symptoms are entirely gone, however, I still have a left abdomen aches and diarrhea. I went to a doctor and they think I just got food poisoning but a part of me wonders if alcohol has something to do with this with all of my background.

If anyone has any answers I would love some help. Thanks!