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Good sleep. Most therapy in institutions is about sleep, less sensory stimulus.

Voices are mostly self consciousness. Judge self conscious but not convict self for it. Listening to self is a good thing.

The other voice heard is different. My husband and I hear a voice saying hello in our house. We respond in likeness. No big deal. I found out people can send their voices with telepathy, friends to friends and others. No harm. Naturalist say the wind or air is spirit and speaks for others long distance. Some call this a belief or religion. I call it long distance with Ma Nature Bellle.

My issue of health is about thyroid disorder and weight gain. I don't mind weight nor does husband but its not healthy. Any ideas ?

And when I was in the military they debriefed you, last thing they said was nobody outside hears this. Author best recall this.


Spent a long time in the military and your hearing voices can be a lot more deeper than what you think, of course that is only a conspiracy theory.

I gather you worked in the communications field as you have made reference on a number of occasions to Signals Corps. Your thyroid disorder could be caused by being immersed in continual radiation from electronic and electro magnetic equipment.

You most probably also suffer from the most common symptoms that are fobbed off to virus, or some undiagnosable syndrome, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibro myalgia syndrome, and many more.

Radio frequency radiation (RFR) and electro magnetic radiation (EMR) is the causation factor of most undiagnosable illnesses and the medicos just fill you up with all the drugs available and next minute you are taking at least six different drugs for all these symptoms when in fact it RFR and EMR that is causing it. And when you get old, it then becomes the Old Age Syndrome.

What is being poured out into the airways today will also cause people to hear voices and see strange visions.

Take care and best in health.