For over ten years I have experienced a motor boating noise in my ears and it's not the heartbeat, because the motor boating sound beats six times faster than normal heartbeat. Over the ten years my tinnitus has become worse. I have discovered that since mobile phone towers and many other electronic communications equipment have swamped the airways like the opening of a floodgates that my condition has worsen.

This motor boating in ears has been constant like as if a fribalator as if something has been implanted in my head.

I find that when I go into shopping centres now I feel as though my head is going explode, the tinnitus starts screaming, and this has worsen ever since most shopping centres have installed the latest Wi Fi equipment. I cannot sit in comfort in any shopping centres anymore because of the Wi Fi hotspots.

I have read so much information on the internet and I now believe that many of those people who suffer from undiagnosable illnesses, particularly in regards to the ears, and also another syndrome called burning mouth syndrome are the side affects of being tormented by the proliferation of the airways of every conceivable microwave emissions that man can devise.

Many are suffering from electro magnetic and radio radiation hyposensitivity. This condition is well known throughout Sweden, USA and the UK.

These symptoms are not madness or fobbed off with some virus infection or unknown syndrome, but pure radio frequencey and electro magnetic radiation