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Cable vision came by our house and put in new cable and caps on open ends. The tech said it was government orders and prevented Rf from happening, harmful to humans. I investigated a bit.

I found that noise was happening in my ears from the exposure to I asked an electrician friend of mine about it and my husband. He said the lines carry radio signals to submarines and such. He said the nation use to do rolling shutdowns of grid but did no longer. My husband said lets turn off all electricity in house during parts of the day and all night when its comfortable to open windows outside. \

The noise stopped in my ears and dreams stopped happening, the nightmare ones.

I asked my electrician friend why don't they do rolling black outs? He said it was national security but the EPA is pressing the DOE to start them again.


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What was the cable guys name, Rod Serling? XD 8-|


What you were suffering from is similar to radio sickness and electro magnetic hypersensitivity. I suffer from it, as for many years I worked in the Signal Corps amongst the most unsafe radio equipment available.

It's nice to see that your electrician friend is at least aware of what is really going on, because it's all much deeper than what it appears on the surface, and most would rather keep away from the ins-and-outs of such things as it borders on conspiracy theories, when in fact many well-known medicos and surgeons have been speaking out for years on the dangers of such emissions.

Today the airways are proliferated with every conceivable microwave radiation that comes out of cell phones and towers; cordless electronic and communications equipment, such as cordless phones (DECT), computers, modems, routers, mouse, and most dangerous of all Wi Fi and Blue tooth. They are all the causation factor of tumours, cysts, and and many forms of cancers.

Most radiation is piggy-backed into home through the earthing of electrical wiring, and can be amplified just by an antenna amplifier on your TV mast.

It's getting worse in all countries of the world, and it is well known in most countries such as Sweden, France, UK, and USA, but the governing bodies of the control in relation to radiation of such equipments in those countries are ambiguous in their safety standards.

Most large shopping centres and take away outlets have some form of Wi Fi hotspots, and the continual promotion of all the sophisticated gimmicks in the radio field is brainwashing most into believing that all this stuff is safe, when in fact it's the replacement of asbestos and cigarette smoking dangers. Most country have banned cigarette smoking in any public place.

Take care, and best of luck in your health.