Following the direction after discourse on ringing and modulation, voices, in HSS, magnetic fields, we did controlled experiments. First we simply waited till there was evidence by two people of HSS Ringing and modulation. Then we began to shutdown magnetic fields. The fans were first, followed by televisions, phones, cell phones, refrig, air conditioner, then finally the breaker box and all wall a.c.. With each step both effected by HSS heard less modulation. Their blood pressure lowered, heart rate slowed. With little magnetic field left, it was almost silent.

Next we did a bio anatomy degaussing raising the body tempature to curia then cooled it. This lowered the human magnetic field leaving less attraction to the modulation. We then took railed magnets and placed them around their ankles. Both of the HSS effected could again hear the modulation but located at their feet. The feet and head hold the most metallic elements in body bio chem. We took the rails of magnets off and heated to curia again and cooled them. No noise but the ringing continued. The ringing is resident carrier half cycles heard in middle ear from magnetic fields on wi fi and such from power lines.

We decided to try another approach and degaussed them again first without the magnetic rails placed on them, we took a dummy load antenna to UHF radio transmitter and transmitted a 30mhz short message. No sound. We then took the rails and placed them around ankles and did the same. Both subjects heard the message on digital microwave transmission but it was muffled. This experiment was not as successful as removing the mag fields and stopping HSS.

We then tried to find the frequency modulation for the subliminals and raise them to audible range. No success. So we used a meter on the cycle noise of a fan motor to get radiants and tried to modulate on that frequency. There was success.

Our discovery was HSS is real and blocking it can be done by removing magnetic fields from area and lowering field in body. Was amazing.

In response to the substance prescribed for countering modulation and such, it was found the mood drugs used had a path and chem makeup including heavy metal. One such drug, Depakote, has an actinoid, number 107 and is radioactive. It causes two things; one is controlled seizures, not prevention; two, psychic activity. Side effects are paranoia and schizo effect. The use of mood medicine is to create a higher amount of activity, then backed off attempting to train the body to reject those activities.

If the prescription dosage is not successful in this endeavor, the increase of dosage causes other physiological reactions. As per a comment from another reply, the health industry enjoys taking participants on a ride, and to the bank.