I am 21 and married. Me and my husband are not trying for a kid but we are not using and protection measures either. We believe when the time is right it will just happen. But I've been having strange things happen lately.ive been craving orange juice and milk both of which I never drink ever. I've been gassy. I get really dizzy and have nausea before I eat and when I'm hungry it goes away when I eat but comes back directly after but worse like I actually almost puke. Peanuts, fries and pizza are the few things that don't make me sick to eat. All of these symptoms have been going on for 3 days now. But today is the day after ovulation and I am having pain in my left hip, lower back and lower abdominal area.   I've had unprotected sex about 16 times between this period and the last. Along with twice right before my last period of that counts for anything. Is pregnancy a possibility here?