Since I was around 21 years old I have had this recurring pain on the left side of my lower back/hip. It always seems to come and go, but lately has come more often. I am now 31. I have always been pretty active. From the agoe of 19 till I was 25 I was in the restuarant business and always on my feet. Now days I am always asitting at a desk. I have been to the doctor many times and they have tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, xrays, etc...None of this worked. Even if the pain went away it always comes back when it wants. I think i notice the pain more when I have been sitting around the house having a lazy day. To be clear though I workout nearly everyday. I dont do a lot of heavy lifting. I try to balance between weight training and cardio. I would listen to any advice anyone could offer. I have been to the doc so many times for this with no results. Sometimes doing hip-stretches give me a little relief but it does not last. Does anyone have anything similar where doctors have been able to help?