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Hi. I've recently started having a sudden pain in my left hip/lower abdomen area. It feels like a tight pulling, and is very tender to touch. It even hurts when im moving, especially turning and walking. I've only had it once before and its just happens suddenly.iit feels like a pulled muscle, but i just know it isn't :/ Last night I  becoma really achey in both my legs and the kept spasming. Then this morning i woke up with the pain. It isn't on my hip bone but on the lower abdomen, just sitting on my hip above. It isn;t swollen as such, u can;t tell but u can just feel that it is a bit. I'm rather worried. Has anyone got any answers?? I don't want to go to the doctors incase it's just me overthinking stuff lol


Hi yes i've got similar pain on my left side, to my lower abdoman near my groin. It feels like a stabbing burning pain, like a hot knife is piercing it.