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Firstly I would like to apologise for the long post and if its too much information for some, but I would like to talk to other women who have or are experiencing the same thing as me.  I am currently 10 weeks pregnant, but on Wednesday 20th July this week I started spotting brown blood, but only when I wipe.  I wasn't too worried as I had the same thing with my last pregnancy at 3 months which resulted in a healthy baby boy.  By Thursday, it became slightly heavier, I noticed a few drops on my pantiliner.  I booked an appointment with my UK GP who told me that there was nothing she can do, just to go home and put my feet up.  By Friday, my pantiliner was completley wet and I had to change to a pad, but the bleeding never actually filled the pad.  By Saturday morning, the blood turned light brown and was heaveir.  I immediately called NHS direct and was told to go to A&E, which i did, but after a 3 hour wait, they took some blood and booked a scan with the Early Pregnancy Unit for tommorow (Monday). However, by Saturday afternoon I got an achey back and lower abdomen and the blood turned bright red and much heavier.  I feel like im on my period and have had to change my pads regularly.  There are tiny blood clots (about 1mm in diameter) in the blood, but other than that, i have had no pain or severe cramping, i actually feel like im having my regular period. 

I had an early scan and blood work done at 8 weeks in Spain where I saw a healthy heart beat (140bpm), but the doctor did say that my amniotic fluid was slightly below average, but nothing to be too concerned about.  He gave me iron tablets and progesterone to take until my next scan which is scheduled at 12 weeks.  I have had no pregnancy symptons since I found out i was pregnant, so I haven't noticed any changes in my body since the bleeding.

I did suffer a missed miscariage in 2009 where I didn't bleed at all which later resulted in a D&C.  After a tearfull afternoon and night, I pretty much accepted that I have misccaried, but just wondering if anyone else has been through this and what was your outcome.  I know its very common, but im finding it difficult to understand especially considering I saw a healthy heart beat only 2 weeks ago. 


Update: Went for a scan and was told that i am having an incomplete miscarriage. Need to return in 2 weeks to ensure evrything has come out and to check HCG levels. Im devasted, but have come to terms with it. For all women who are going through the same thing, i can honestly say that after going through this twice, time is the best healer. On a more positive note, the doctor said that i only have to wait one cycle before trying again.