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my name is lauren and im 17, i was told i had angiodema at the start of this year, so far ive been in the hospital 5 times because it has blocked my airway, i even had to be rushed by ambulance from school and i stopped breathing, they tried to see if i was allergic to anything but found out that it is stress/emotional related.
i dont know much about it but i have depression and i work in a resteraunt that is VERY busy and stressful and im not sure what i can do about my problem, ive already had to go home from work because of it, it seems to be controling my life, i dont know what i can do.
any advice or information would be helpful and much appreciated


For your Angiodema carry a packet of merylperadizone with you. When your eyss start to itch or you feel it coming on, take two immediately then finish the entire first row that day. You need to keep a food diary and a journal. I don't think stress would have this severe a reaction. List everything you eat each day...everything ... even a coke on the way to work. If you smoke or drink alcohol STOP. So if there is a difference. Then keep a journal of what you did each day. When you get another attack see if there are any similarities. Have you had any surgeries or taken any medicenes? Have you had chemo therapy. Those can cause this reaction. Good luck.


Hello, This is just a little note to reassure anyone out there who has idiopathic angioedema that there is hope. I had promised to myself to write a piece on my experience a few years back as I remember how miserable I felt when I had my episode ...

I was diagnosed with it a few years back, totally out of the blue late one night. It was a terrifying experience; I was rushed to hospital having woken at 3am with swellings, hives, and chest pains - it was the chest pains that caused concern initially as the doctors thought it could be heart related, but I was cleared of that.

What followed was months of random swellings and hives. It played havoc with my work and social life. And I lived in the constant uncertainty of not knowing whether I'd ever get rid of the episodes that came and went haphazardly. I was frustrated not knowing when I could get back to a normal life.

After much testing the doctor put me on a strong course of neo-clarityn (a type of antihistamine - note that other antihistamines did not work for me strangely) and montelucaust (think that's how you spell it) and after about 8 months of being weaned off them I was able to lead a perfectly normal life again. And have been for the last 4 years and, touch wood, will continue to do so.

I remember at the time thoroughly analysing every part of my life to find out what triggered it. Foods / chemicals / bedsheets... I even did a Chinese medicine allergy test. But it was only after time I realised what really caused it. It was stress. I was working in a fast paced industry in London and the stress had triggered it. And when I had it, the anxiety of not knowing how to control it made the stress even worse.

Like I said, the whole episodes are now in the past, but I do occasionally notice when I'm going through a stressful patch that my chest pains come back. The thing now is that I know that they're not heart related, and I feel confident to tell my body to calm down and alleviate the situation. Easier said then done I know, but thankfully it no longer triggers the angiodema.

I not saying stress is the trigger for all idiopathic angioedema cases - as I'm sure allergies and other things are factors as well. I just want to make you aware that stress can affect different people in so many different ways so I just recommend that you take a thorough look at what you do in your life and adjust what is really important to you.

And then don't think about it too much - just get on with it.

Hope that helps.