For the past 4.5 months, Ive experienced mild headaches, dull pressure in my head, visual floaters, fatigue, warm sensations in my head but not a fever, neck stiffness, etc....

So far Ive seen an Opthalmologist, family doctor for blood work, Neurologist for a brain MRI and cervical spine MRI which did reveal bone spurs on C2-T1. The bone spurs arent causing nerve impingement from what the doctor says but Im wondering if it could be related at all to my symptoms.

While Im at work the symptoms do tend to be worse. Theres alot of negativity and poor management that is effecting alot of people. Ive never suffered from stress or migraines in the past, but wonder if my symptoms could be stress related with a combination of tension and migraine headache symptoms.

The headaches I experience arent that severe at all. The pain is mild and intermitten but the pressure and floaters are present 100% of the time for the past few months.

Having no previous history of stress, I dont exactly understand how it all works. My logic is that while Im not at work, the symptoms should be gone completely, correct? I would think that as long as Im not in that environment I wouldnt experience any symptoms what so ever but thats not necessarily the case. There is relief when Im not at work, but not 100% relief.

Please let me know what you guys think and for the ones that have a history of migraines and stress please feel free to provide some input.