Recent research reported that young people under 35 years should not use solariums because it was found that it raises risk of developing melanoma skin cancer by 98% . They also claim that if a person uses solarium just once it may increase risk of developing skin cancer by 22% . Melanoma is the most rare type of skin cancer but it sure is the deadliest one. It was discovered that about ten thousand melanoma cases is diagnosed in Australia each year and about 10% end with death. It was reported that about 50 of those cases are related with solariums.

Doctors advise people not to use solariums because by doing that 10% of all melanoma cases can be avoided. They also suggest that solariums should be prohibited for people under 18 years with fair skin.

Solariums emit strong UVB rays which are much stronger than sun and they are very dangerous. They represent very high levels of radiation which people should not be exposed to.