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I had a pretty normal first pregnancy until the last couple of months. My blood pressure spiked and my son had to be born two weeks early with an emergency c-section. After the c-section, my doctor told me I needed to give my body 1-2 years of healing before trying to get pregnant. She talked to me about mirena, and I loved the idea. I had my son in December of '08 and got my mirena in February of '09. I never stopped having periods during the 2 1/2 years I had it in. In August of 2011, my husband and I decided it was time to start trying for another one. We wanted our children to have a chance to grow up together close in age. After getting the mirena out, I had some heavy bleeding, which is normal. After a couple of months, my cycle returned to normal....albeit I have shorter periods than I used to....anyway, my husband and I have been trying now to conceive for 20 months....with absolutely no luck! What should I do? My son will be 5 this December and we really dont want them any farther apart. I have seen commercials now that say mirena can cause sterility....I pray that is not whats going on....anyone else going through something similar??


i had my marina coil removed 2 november 2012 and been trying for a baby but no luk i belive tha the oil has done me some damage .i had the coil in for 4 years and i would like a baby be fore i reach 45 .