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I've read alot of posts on hear about Suboxone withdrawal which were very helpful and wanted to share my story. I've been on Suboxone for 8 months, sharing a prescription with my neighbor, taking usually 8 mg sometimes just 4 mg a day. Found out 2 weeks ago was about 3-4 weeks pregnant. Most everything on line says to stay on Subutex while pregnant. However I refuse to risk my baby being born addicted and going through horrible withdrawals. I'm pretty confident I wont relapse once off - which is one of the main reasons I think they keep you on Subutex through pregnancy. Yes there is a risk of miscarriage with withdrawal symptoms, but its a risk I'm willing to take as opposed to my baby being addicted, dealing with costs of subutex tretment, and the stigma of being an addict mother (esp since my husband thinks I was clean when we conceived ...terrible, selfish addict behavior on my part).

Anyway, I did not want to do a slow taper which is what is most recommended, because I wanted this out of my system by my first Ob/Gyn appt in 2 weeks. Day1 and Day 2 i took none at all, didnt feel to bad until Day 3 when it hit hard. Creepy-crawlees, head so foggy, restless legs/terrible leg pain, complete insomnia, hot/cold sweats, terrible stomach cramps and disgusting black/green diarhhea. So i broke down on day 4 (when symptoms were getting unbearble) and took a 2 mg then. Thats when I educated my self on line, learning that jumping off 4 mg is horrible and the need to taper slower. However thats not an option for me, cuz I am getting this out of my system no matter what. Basically after taking that 2 mg on Day 3, I have reduced 1/2 mg per day.

Day 1-2: Jump off 4 mg, jittery, restless legs and insomnia but not too bad

Day 3: Horrible withdrawals, no sleep, terrible leg pain, cant see right, shakes, horrible stomach pain/diarrhea

Day 4: Same as above, but about 3x worse. Broke down took 2 mg Sub, felt immediately better, and decided to do fast taper. NOTE: I remained in withdrawal pretty much from this point on during taper.

Day 5: Took 1 mg (broken into 2 doses of about .75 each - i'm just guessing cuz at this point i'm breaking little pebbles off an 8 mg)
Terrible withdrawals -- in a complete fog. Feels like worse hangover of my life. Cant see straight, pain in bones of legs, complete insomnia. I have also ben taking Tylenol PM but dont feel its doing much. I will say that the withdrawals come in waves. You have a "baseline" of feeling completely shitty with waves of much worse withdrawals. So I just tell myself to get through the waves. Its monday and I'm at work (desk job). Not very productive at all. But being here is much better than being at home on the couch all jumpy and restless, wanting to tear my skin off. Cannot eat a thing for 4 days now, still have horrible stomach cramps/diarrhea

Day 6: Took about .50 mg - just one morning dose. Pretty much same as above, but diarrhea/cramps not so bad. Broke down and Took 1/2 xanax when I got home from work so i could try to sleep. Slep from 10:00 to 4:30 soundly, then tossed and turned till got up at 7:00. I know Xanax is generally not recommended in pregnancy, but i'm just taking the smallest amount i can to get through this, hoping it can only cause harm if used on regular basis in higher doses

Day 7: Jump completely off. "Woke up" (meaning got out of bed cuz hadnt slept since 4) feeling unbelievable shaky and foggy, hot/cold, could barely stand shower, exhausted. Started day with 1/2 Xanax (these are 1.0 mg so pretty heavy dose). By about 11:00 took other 1/2 of Xanax. Its the only thing to take the edge off and make me able to function at work. Feel the best I've felt in long time. Had a tiny bit of diarrha this a.m. Still in a fog with mild shakes. Oh and hot and cold, but mostly freezing. Sitting here wrapped up in down blanket at work.

Throughout this whole thing, other symptoms I've felt are clammy/sweaty palms and feet, dazes/foggy feeling, terrible shakes, horrible leg pain and restlessness. I have to say the worst is the insomnia. Getting out in the sun helps. I've walked the dogs every day. Even tho you feel insanely tired and with no energy, when you get out and do it you feel better. Same with work. Sitting all day in bed or on the couch makes it so much harder to bear and makes the insomnia even worse. I've lost easily 5 lbs. Have really only be able to eat when on the Xanax or early during taper shortly after i took my crumb-doses. And even then, only ate soup, rice, yogurt, a little fruit. Also my teeth have hurt terrible during this. The worst is the insomnia, leg pain, and general shakes/fogginess, feeling of discontent that us addicts loathe so much. OH and anxiety through the roof. Terribel guilt about getting pregnant while hooked on these (I honestly thought i could just stop -- had no idea how strong even 1 mg of Sub was til reading the internet.

I'm hoping if i can get by 2 more days on a little Xanax I'll have whethered the worst of it and maybe be drug free.

I hope this helps anyone else. I think it IS possible if you have the will power. In my case thats easily given by the baby growing inside me. And having Xanax or Valium is a god-send. Just dont take any for the week leading up to your jump so your tolerance to it is low, then start with the smallest amount you can stand, and take as little of it as possible. I keep telling myself I NEED to go through the pain and discomfort so I never make this mistake again in my life.

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone in similary situation


Playing with fire. As a buprenorphine provider I felt obligated to mention that "sharing" with a neighbor is unwise while pregnant. TO SAY THE LEAST. Pregnant patients should NOT use suboxone (bup 2mg/narcan). ONLY SUBUTEX (8mg) ALONE SHOULD BE TAKEN WHILE PREGNANT. PERIOD.

Heavily stressed in all training subutex is intended for the induction phase and for pregnant patients. Narcan/naloxone if swallowed will not survive the stomach and liver intact. The "party line" is that it is not absorbed thru the oral/buccal mucosa. While this may seem illogical a pure opiate antagonist, naloxone, has a much higher risk while pregnant than agonists or mixed agonists antagonists. DO NOT USE SUBOXONE WHILE PREGNANT. ONLY SUBUTEX. If those are your choices.

I have had women deliver a child on 80mg of methadone daily and the infant was comfortably detoxified within 30 days. That infant today is 22 years of age and a non-addict. Emotionally healthy with full emotional range.

Experience with buprenorphine is too new for that long a follow up but the dangers of antagonist use are clearly apparent.

I do not mean to be judgmental merely helpful.

Thank you.


im almost 3 months prego and on suboxone thru a doc. i throw up every time i take the med so im not sure my baby is even getting there a safe way of stopping this before my baby is born..i dread everyday just thinking my poor baby is gonna withdrawal from this bad medication. plz help someone... thank u jennnifer jumisco


I am coming of Suboxone but my doctor does not know it. I am off the 8mg and I am on 2mg. I have take a pair of scissors and cut the 2 up into little pieces. I am taking less very little and now I know how powerful this stuff is because my system is so clean I can feel the little pieces. But I am takeing my time and making the pieces smaller and smaller. To all those out there, getting high is a trap. learn from us dummies don't do it. peace