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Want to lose weight? Try a healthy 1500 calorie diet to reach your weight loss goals sooner than you thought possible, while feeling full and satisfied.
To start a diet, you've got to have a long term plan. We're going to tell you why a 1500 calorie per day meal plan can work, and why you don't have to feel hungry at any point. Later, we'll give you a sample of a weekly meal plan. The weight loss industry makes billions each year on diets which people pay to be a part of.

Inevitably, these diets fail, and people gain back all or more of the weight they originally lost. The more people try these difficult diets, the more money the industry makes off you.

Stop paying for diets, and instead, make a lifestyle change. Watching calories can be painful, but once you get used to eating the right foods, eating 1500 of the healthiest calories and foods will leave you feeling energized, losing stored fat, and feeling confident and healthier than ever before.

One of the most difficult parts of a 1500 calorie diet is the food choices. Unlike on a weight-watchers style diet, it really does matter what you choose to eat. There are certain foods which will provide you with high amounts of vitamins, minerals, energy and fiber, and keep you full with fewer calories than other, comparable foods. This is why food choice is so important. Rather than putting all your focus on the number of calories, teach yourself which are the best foods and pay attention to healthy portion sizes.

Soon, it won't feel like a diet at all, but rather a way of life. Forming these healthy habits will reduce the chances of putting weight back on after the diet is over.

Making the right food choices

If you've decided to go on this diet, regardless of the number of pounds you want to lose, you need to start by cleansing out your life. Look into your cupboards, pantry and fridge and freezer. Remove all instant and processed foods. Remove the junk food, sweets, ice cream, candies, pastries, white breads, enriched pastas, and instant meals. Get rid of sweet drinks; pop, iced tea, juices (except for 100% pure organic juices), and anything else, other than water and milk.

Once you've cleansed, you should see around you a variety of fruits and vegetables, yogurts, eggs, poultry and fish, brown rice, beans and other whole grains. This will be your basis, and what your food supple should consist of. Eating veggies with every meal will help to keep you full and loaded with healthy vitamins without piling on the calories. Continue reading to find out just what your daily meals will look like, and to know how to plan your own version of this. Note the portions sizes here.

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