Basically, 18 days today was when i had unprotected sex. Past few days, it begun with being extremely tired, then sickness started and everything i smelt made me be sick, but the weird thing is..the nausea builds up throughout the day, then it hits me in the evening, always around the same time, between 8pm-11pm is when im actually being sick. I also noticed a strange metallic taste in my mouth which is more noticable when i drink water, but its faded down a little now.

For a few days I had stomach cramps as if i was going to come on my period, except all i had was a little brown/discharge like spotting. Only when i wipe (sorry TMI!). Other than that, theres just alot of clear discharge which has started today. Ive had pains in my lower stomach, also at the sides and around my back. Ive done so many pregnancy tests but all are negative (even though i just 'feel' pregnant, i dont feel right in myself, Im so emotional, and cry over anything!! My boobs have also darkened, but they keep changing, one min they go really big, then smaller again, and darker, other times they have a slight darker outlining..:S

Someone please help me out here,
I know its probably too soon for the tests anyway, but its so frustrating, I dont know whats going on, but I 'feel' different, my stomach feels heavy, and the pain i had today and yesturday was strange it felt like a stretching feeling, very uncomfortable and kept me up during the night (it was painful like severe, it was more uncomfortable and felt different dependant on position i was lying in)

Any advice, personal experience will be much appriciated