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This is kind of a long story so please bear with me. I live in Arizona and my family and I had to move out of the house we were living in. The only place available was a ...well seemed at the time a nice little place. I had to redo the water and gas lines under the house. I know I must have been exposed to something because now here it is two years later (we have recently moved out of that house) and my health is beginning to fail. I spoke to previous renters, the police, and the landlord about the house. Turns out it was a meth lab at one point and never cleaned, there were a lot of chemicals dumped under and outside the house, Malathion was sprayed around the property, and the sewer leaked profusely and we could never find the problem. My family was always ill, except for me. Now that we have moved out they are fine but my health is failing. I have some high liver enzymes according to my Dr. as well as some swelling in my hands and feet. I also have some chest pain that radiates into my jaw at times. My dr. doesn't seem to be concerned because of my age. I am 31 an it seems to me that something is wrong.


To me, this sounds very common with a long Meth Lab exposure. The human body is very interesting, and symptoms may not appear right away in every human.

Go to a pulmonary doctor and give him your symptoms and story, he may be able to help out more.