I know this is an old post but hoping somebody sees it. When the laws changed about making hydrocodone a schedule 2 med and made it almost impossible for other Drs. To prescribe it my neurologist referred me to Dr. Theesfeld and he kind of warned me how he was and then a friend of mine was his patient and told me how to behave when seeing him like don't talk until spoken to and only answer his question so that's what I did and never really had a problem with him. I have a lot of pain and needed my medication. Well my insurance changed in February and all the sudden he started saying my drug test was positive from meth. I have never done meth been around meth or even seen meth. He said this every month for like 3 or 4 months. When I went in last week he said it was positive again and he could no longer see me as a patient. I called the lab they used and talked to the chemist. He looked at the testing process and said it looked like something was not right and on careful review it looks like a negative and he would rerun it that same day and get the results to Dr. Theesfeld immediately. I also went to a drug testing place and had a drug test done and it came out negative then on Tuesday I was called for a random drug test at work and it was negative. I hand delivered the results to Dr. Theesfeld office. At 1st the nurse called me back but when I told her I was calling about what the chemist sent back and the results I brought in all of the sudden she did not have that information and would call me back in a few minutes and now they will not call me back. So in pain with no meds and no Dr. Also I looked at my insurance EOBs online and a pharmacy has billed my insurance for 4 months in a row for 8000.00 dollars in medications that are not even for my diagnosis. I called them and asked them about it. I refused the meds but was billed to my insurance. Has anyone else experienced this especially the drug test?? Also I live in Longview and wanted to know if anyone had a Pain management Dr. Here they would recommend?? This has been a nightmare and I am afraid they will get my records from his office and see the false drug test results and not see me. I just do not understand why a Dr.would do this to a patient.  I also just pulled up my EOBs from my insurance company to make sure he did not bill my insurance since he did nothing for me but fire me and found out he is billing my insurance thousands of dollars for medications I never received nor prescribed and alot of emergency visits I never had and I cannot even count how many labs he has billed them for one is to see if I produce enough milk.  I find that unusual since I cannot have children and am now in menopause.  He has billed my insurance company over 30,000 in labs Alone.  My insurance company will be informed of this on Monday.  We all know he is a jerk and unethical but blatant insurance fraud??  Looks like he is in trouble again with The Medical board but I do not know why.  If anyone knows a good pain management Dr. In Longview please let me know.  I really need one hurting very bad.