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How do you know if an injury is an over use injury or a biomechanical one ?

I run with custom orthotics (albeit customised further to remove pressure points) and have been training happily with absolutley no problems. I got up to 18.5 miles (9 min/mile) last Sunday, did circuit training on Monday then ran 5 mile (7.5 min/mile) on Tuesday. Admittedly on tuesday I didn't really warm up or down After Tuesday my achilles tendon hurt a bit, not excrutiating just uncomfortable. Decided I needed to rest it and over the four days that passed all pain went away. Went out this morning but took the decision to stop at 7 miles on a 20 mile effort as it resurfaced again not excrutiating - though played cautious for fear of making it worse for the london marathon.

I've decided to give it a good week off now with a course of pain killers and ice and will see how I fair on a half marathon next weekend. My gut feeling is I strained something doing the fast run and with due care and rest it'll heal, but I'm concerned that if I'm wrong this will be a persistent problem at the main event ? Never had any achilles problems in the past.

Any tips or advice greatly appreciated.




I'm a deep-muscle therapist specializing in the treatment (and self-treatment) of sports injuries and chronic joint pain. I've written several books on the topic, including "The Pain-Free Triathlete," and I only just recently found this forum with so many people who are suffering from various pains.

I've been posting some really long messages tonight to help people find the source of various pains. Two messages I suggest you read to answer your problem are "Calf Pain" and "Bad Ankle and Arch." It's been a long time since you posted your message so I hope that you'll receive this reply.

Wishing you well,
Julie Donnelly