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I have had joint problems since I was in high school. In high school I had to have shoulder surgery because of a missing ligament in my pitching arm.

In high school I would FREAK my friends out because I could voluntarily dislocate my hips. I would just give a slight little jerk and POP you could see the ball of my hip pushing against my skin, another little jerk and back in it went.

When I was pregnant with my son, however, I would be walking down the hall and my hip would pop itself out. I literally had to walk along the wall so I could catch myself when it would happen. To which my LOVELY OB told my mother (I was young when I had him) that it's normal for joints to loosen up during pregnancy, to which my mom replied "I've seen a lot of pregnant women in my life but I've never seen one fall on her butt because her hip popped out of place!"

I ran a lot in high school and was really athletic, but when I tried to take running up 5 years ago, when I tried running on the pavement near my apartment I would get this severe pain in my right hip, like my hip was trying to push itself out. I literally had to hold my hand against my hip to get myself back home. At the time I had contributed it to my Anorexia.

Now, I'm a recovering Anorexic and my hip problem has worsened GREATLY in the last year. I quit trying to run after I had hip pains and I didn't have any problems for roughly four years, but now it's back and considerably worse. If I walk the dogs, or mow the lawn, or am up on my feet for too long, the next day or even that evening I have horrible hip pain. Like my hip is trying to push itself out. I have to push the palm of my hand securely against the join to be able to walk. If I sent crosslegged on the couch I still have the pain. It lessens if I'm sitting down, and I can't lay on my side.

I've seen my doctor and she has scheduled x-rays for me to rule out scoliosis (I've recently developed lower back pain off and on) and also x-rays for my hips.

I am curious if anybody has any ideas of what this problem could be, so I can research the possibilities.

Thanks in advance!!


You may have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, an inherited connective tissue disorder. One notable sign is hypermobility of the joints. You may have to wear tight-fitting jeans to prevent the ball of your hip joint from popping out. Instead of running, try bicycling which is much easier to the joints.