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I just recently had sex, maybe 5 days ago. Afterwards my vagina was very sore and felt bruised. This was not my first time. I felt a burning sensation while using the bathroom. A day or two later I was able to pee without problems and the soreness/"bruising" went away. I do however still have burning and an itch. Let me rewind though, I was diagnosed with an yeast over growth, ive never had a vaginal yeast infection until now. i had a yeast infection when I had sex. I used a screening kit today and still do, I used monistat 1 hoping it would help but it's the same, maybe even worse. I had a brown discharge and now it's changed to bleeding with clear discharge. I don't get my period, I'm on birth control and skip my placebo pills starting my next pack right away. So I'm not spotting, I'm terrified of the thought of having an Std. I'm hoping maybe he scratched me inside? Are there ANY other possibilities besides an std? Is this common having a yeast infection, are these symptoms normal? Is that all it is, or do I need to tell my mom, I have 'abnormal bleeding and burning' and see my gynecologist?


Hello! and to answer your ? it is common yes. happened to my friend many times. so i think if you go and get some antibiotics it should help. Still use protection!!! lol just because you can pass it..