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I have just read symptoms of heart blockage,the symptons discribed is what i have been sufering from,I have been to the hospital three times and had multipul x-rays,blood test ecg and nothing,they just tell me to go home,I have seeked three different opinions from doctors and three different answers,I have these symptons every day but refuse to go hospital,as am tied of getting no result,am I on my way to a heart attack,or do I have a small blockage that they aren't picking up


You just described the story of my life.

to the one who brought us here we shall come back,
if ever death overcomes us .

someone who has Heart blockage 


Hello there,

I am sure that you are aware of the fact that heart is connected to the other parts of the body with arteries which supply the blood pumped by our heart to other parts.

In order to ensure free flow of blood throughout the body it is very important for the arteries to be free from any blockage. However it is very often happening that these arteries are blocked due to several complications.

 Heart blockage is one of these complications which is caused because of the narrowing of the coronary arteries due to the plaque formation. As the plaque increasing the artery is getting blocked and by this is reduced the capacity of heart to transport blood and oxygen to other parts of the body.