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What can cause discoloration of extremities (arms, legs, fingers, toes, nose)..other symptoms include iron deficient anemia, vericose veins, low energy....


Hello! My father has been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease. He did have pink discoloration on his skin, pain and cramping in the extremities, he was also found varicose veins. Sometimes he would also experience numbness of the feet and legs.

This disease occurs when arteries have been filled with plaque and led to reduced blood flow. By the reduced blood flow, some parts of the body do not get the needed oxygen. The most commonly affected arteries are arteries in the legs, arms, kidneys and neck.

Have you been feeling coldness? This is another recognizable symptoms. As for the iron deficiency you mention-it is probably the cause of low energy.

Have you seen a doc? I suppose you did considering you found low iron levels and varicose veins. Are they unable to diagnose you or what is going on?

A person is at risk of developing peripheral vascular disease if you are older than 50, male, postmenopausal woman, have a history of heart attacks, have diabetes, smoke, have hypertension, obese and physically inactive.