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My doctor "thinks" I may have heart blockage & I am scheduled for a stress test using dye in my veins while I am "walking" and when I am not. To me, I have no symptoms--I went to him because I was having some trouble breathing, no pain, no heaviness in chest. It was more like I had a slight case of pneumonia. The day before I was to take the test, I slipped and cracked a couple of ribs. Now, there is no difficulty in breathing so I am considering canceling test. It would seem to me, if you have any type of heart blockage it would be difficult to breathe all the time. It's been a month or more and there are no other signs. Family want me to go ahead and take test--I don't want to. Any thoughts/opinions?


Hello there,

Well, slow heartbeat is the most common and first of all signs of heart blockage so if you are experiencing this than you should do the test even if you don’t want to. Arteries are narrowing down and result of this is difficult for the heart to pump the required number of times and this is leading to bradycardia or slow heartbeat symptom.

Second most common symptom of narrowing of the coronary arteries of the heart is the irregular or discontinuous pulses. Due to the blockage which is caused by the plague, the heart skips few beats (and this is not happening because you have saw someone you love) and this can be very dangerous. However, if the blockage is diagnosed early there is no need to worry that much so go and do the test.