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my fiance and i have not really tried to get pregnant it just kinda happened. i wasn't really sure i could have kids because about 8 months ago my periods would be all kinds of crazy. since last October i've been getting regular periods all only 2 or 3 days off. last month i saw period on the third and had sex on the 23rd but noy it is the 20th of this month and i have not yet had my period. i took an HPT 2 weeks after i had sex on a friday and it was a negative then took a blood test on monday and it was also negative but ive had symptoms like nausia certain smells make me sick something that is not normal in me and foods as well anything i eat i vomit i never use to vomit i could take it any food, feeling cramps and am always tired. i have really large breast but they seem to be getting bigger they feel heavy but not so tender. im a little confused could i be pregnant?? pleaseee help


Hey, i hope i can help.

It may have been to early for a result on a HPT. Even if a HPT states negative it may not be a 100%. I think a lot has to bed said for the human body. As a women i think you can tell when somethin is not quite right or something is different?

Have you had your period yet?