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My last period was february 20 around that date. I did not get my period last month which was March but on April 2 when I would wipe I saw some brown and red spotting...and had a little pain like when you are about to get your period. Now is the 4th and still no period only a little spotting when I wipe. Is there a chance I might be pregnant??


Hey everyone, I am 24 years old and I am 12 days late for my period... I have been having a regular 40 day cycle for the last few months, so I should have been due May 17th; it's now the 29th and I have not yet started... however I had a brownish discharge the last two days but only when I wiped after using the restroom.

I took a hpt today and it said negative, but I have been feeling a little naseuated and I had a really bad headache two days ago: before the brownish discharge started. Today I'm a little naseuated and my lower back feels kind of achy. I also feel more tired than usual, but my breasts are not sore and I don't feel bloated or anything. My fiance and I have been sexually active together for three years, and I have had irregular periods before, but like I said I have been very regular for the last few months (since Nov 06) and I have never before had a brownish discharge like this until now.

My mom says it might just be stress since I was in a rollover car accident in April, but I think I might be pregnant regardless of what the hpt said. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me she tested negative until around her 3rd month of pregnancy. Could the brownish discharge have been old blood from implantation bleeding, or would 12 days after my expected period be too late for implantation bleeding? How long do you think it will be until I can accurately take a hpt again? Thanks in advance!