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I was diagnosed with gestational diabetis when I was 28 weeks. now I am 36 weeks & taking glyboride. consulted with 2 doctors - one my OB, the other is perinatal specialist. I would be fine, but the instruction to this medicine states that pregnant women should stop taking it 2 weeks before delivery. both of the doctors told me to ignore this statement, I am kind of worried. first, I want to trust the specialists who take good care of me, but second...
did anyone take glyboride while pregnant? help please!!!!!



Even I have been diagnosed with GD. I am 33 weeks now and it was diagnosed at 29 week. My OB and Perinatal Specialist have prescribed Glyburide 1.25 mg oral tablet. I am still trying different options with my diet. The glucose reading are very close to nomal range. I will start medication in 2 days and will give u a feedback.. My doctors have assured that its 100% safe and we need to take it everyday until delivery.