So my doctor says he "thinks" that I have endometriosis. Before doing surgery he wanted to try me on Synarel (basically the nasal spray version of Lupron) that puts you into a temporary state of menopause. He said that the third to fourth week of taking the medication that my "pain" would probably get a lot worse, and then should significantly improve. Well, I was very hesitant about endometriosis causing my pain and discomfort to begin with, but decided to go ahead with the medication anyways. I am now in the fourth week of the med (the week that is supposed to be really bad), but just feel the normal aweful that I always feel....not anything like the doctor described. Anyone else out there have experience with Synarel? Anyone take a medication for endometriosis and then find out that they didn't have it? I feel like my insides are rotting from the inside out and the more time goes by the worse it gets. I really hope I am not taking this medication for nothing.