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--Please read all of this otherwise you'll probably reconmend something that I've already tried--

I had a sinus infection that lasted about a month this March, and since then my nose has been constantly blocked. I've seen a specialist, had a camera up my nose, he said I have no polyps or other obstructions, however, my nasal passages are red, swollen and inflammed. I don't have hayfever, and I am not allergic to anything else apart from cat fur, and there are no cats living in my house. I've even moved house recently, that didn't make a difference at all, so it's definitely not an environmental factor that's causing it. I've been on several different antihistamines for months, I've been on a broad spectrum antibiotic, and I'm trying out my second steroid nosespray. I've used Nasonex [mometasone furoate] for 2 and a half months, it didn't make the slightest difference, and now I'm using Fluticasone Propionate. I'm not holding my breath for any results...also I'm taking Neoclarytin, 5mg/day. In tha past I've used Pseudoephedrine in various forms, and I've used Ephedrine in a form of nasal drops for 1 month, that was the only thing that really worked, only for about 2 hours though, then I'd have to re-dose. I've used a whole load of other OTC nosepsrays, all of them only working for a couple of hours. I take 15mg Codeine tablets for chronic pain, that also seems to work somewhat.

Other symptoms I get:

- the blockage is worse when I lie down
- foul smelling, water-like post nasal drip when it's cold
- headaches
- sinus pain
- chest pain [on the left and below my breasts, sometimes in the sternum]
- a dry cough that comes and goes
- sometimes a weird loking rash appears on my jaw then goes away

I've also lost a significant amount of weight this year, and now I'm underweight according to BMI. I've pneumonia in the past, and my mum had Pulmonary Edema. Asthma runs in my family, however, I don't have it.

I'm a 19 year old female, no vitamin deficiencies, no blood abnormalities, and I also have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.


Did you try nasal irrigation, something like nasaline? If you didn't, basically its just something that pumps water through your nose. Well, more like a saline solution, it matches the salt level of your body to minimize irritation. the irrigation is supposed to wash out allergens and other stuff that could be inflaming your nasal passage giving your body the chance to recover naturally. I use it and while it does feel like your nose just gets stuffed up again, washing it out over a few days means its easier to blow your nose and reduce congestion. I sometimes use it multiple times a day because, and this is the best part, it doesn't contain any drug. Its basically just salt water cleaning your nose out.

You can also try nasal strips like Breathe Right, another drug-free option.


Hello, my primary care doctor said I had sinus, well I didn't get any better for 3 months, taking antibioicts, and nasal nex nose spray, so I went a to a ear nose doctor on my own and he said it wasn't sinuse it was gave me another nasal spray and it is Omnaris, and it does open up my nose all day and night, I still have nasal drip but I can breathe better. Went back to my regular Doctor about a week later,(about another problem) and he still says I have sinus infection, because my nose inside is all swollen...But I can breathe with the new nasal mediciine. I hope this will help you a little......Shirley


I had post nasal drip for months..was told it was from allergies..constant cough as well.but I found
A miracle product that opened my up on it..its amazing
It worked just a few hours after I took just one!!