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I started taking Zicam yesterday, and this morning I noticed a chemical-like, plastic burning smell in the house and outside. It was pretty strong yet my husband didn't smell anything. We went out to breakfast and I noticed that I continued to smell this odor. I am starting to wonder if my body is exuding this smell through my nostrils. It is very weird. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  I've taken Zicam for years and have only experienced metal taste in my mouth while taking it, which always disappeared after I stopped.


Hello shewie,

Zicam nasal spray was taken out of the market because it caused changes in smell or even loss of smell due to zinc. Lozenges are different, but the effects of zinc in higher dosages remain the same, so it is possible that even the lozenges cause changes in your feelings of taste and smell.

The best course of action would be, of course, to stop using the lozenges, especially if nasal congestion is one of your cold symptoms,

Wish you all the best,