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I'm male, generally healthy, 32 years old. For the last two days I've been having almost constant cough that produces salty phlegm or mucous. I don't have any other sign of either cold or flu, only an occasional headache – but that's happening because of all the coughing. My abdominal muscles are starting to hurt, too. The problem is that after coughing that salty phlegm seems to remain at the back of my throat all the time. I can't get an appointment with the doctor until the next week and since this weird thing and coughing isn't stopping any advice on what to do or any OTC medication that I might try is more than welcome.

Thanks, thomas


Hi, Thomas.  Are you coughing because it feels like something in the back of your throat?  Or is it from your chest?  If you have a tickle in your throat, it might be some drainage that may be going down your throat (post-nasal drainage).  You can take an OTC med to dry up the secretions.  You may be having seasonal allergies or something else you could be allergic to.  If that is the case, the doctor may prescribe nasal spray for allergies.  Good luck!

Has anyone else had these symptoms and if so, what was it?  How were you treated for it?