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Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm 37 and since having 2 pregnancies I've suffered with piles. Sometimes their just internal and cause bleeding and other times I get thombossed prolapsed piles. I've had banding which helped but they soon came back. It's now at the point where they're flaring up monthly and after every bm I have an external I need to push in. My gp has said I should have thd but I am sat here crying because I've read all the horrendous recovery stories. I need it done because I can't carry on like this but I've just started dating again and the thought of telling someone that I need an op for piles is embarrassing. Please tell me what recovery was like? Is it really as bad as I've read? How long until you were able to have sex etc


Hi Uk037 -- I strongly recommend the THD surgery.  I had mine in December 2013 and although the first few days were rough they weren't horrible.  At the end of the day you are getting surgery on your anal canal so it's not going to tickle.  But the payoff is that your hems are gone and your life is back to normal.  I would do it again in a hearbeat!