The reason that does not work "magic diet cold" - balance is incorrect. Overestimating costs calories to heat the body, we often allow ourselves too much at dinner. And if the script included "I'm so cold, you can eat more," if not down the drain.

Third, the main reason for our extra winter kilos little paradox: our body is designed simply too smart. The fact that noticing decrease in light and energy cost increases on warming, the human body begins to "slow down." Metabolism slows down in order to survive the winter. In extreme form, this slowdown occurs in animals hibernating.

People to this, fortunately (or unfortunately), does not reach, but the economy mode is still included. Truth about cellulite Therefore calories wasted on "heating" of the body during long walks in the cold will be offset by savings in less important activity (e.g., tidal energy in the mornings).

As a result, the council for the winter: Do not change your diet, and "comforting cakes" let yourself only after unplanned physical activity. The exception to this rule applies only to actively "Walrus" ladies: after swimming in the ice-hole can safely order steak and "Napoleon."

How to apply fragrances - To favorite fragrance on your skin sounded exactly as you expect it, you need to follow a few basic rules. Perfumes are capricious as their owner. Therefore, the approach to them need special.