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:'( .........Can anyone help me??? About 4 months ago i notice an enlarge posterior lymph node on the left hand side of my neck. I went to the doctor who seemed to think that it was nothing serious and sent me away with some mild antibiotics for a weeks course. After completing the treatment nothing had changed as i imagined it wouldnt. I arranged to go back to my doctor to have some blood test which later came back clear. I started to then notice that i was getting pains in my left ear when swallowing and pain in my mandibular gland under the ear jaw line. My doctor then put me on a stronger antibiotic and booked me into my local ENT for a ultra sound. As i feared the antibiotic didn't work, at all!!!!! When I later went for my appointment for the scan, the doctor said that my raised lymph node was tiny and benign, 120% not cancer or anything to worry about. 2 months on and im still experiencing extreme discomfort and tenderness in my mandibular when turning my neck left to right, the lymph node is still raised and my ear still experiences pain. I forgot to mention that in behind my tragus i can feel a hard, bone like lump....again on the left side only......getting seriously fed up now and really want some answers as my doctors keep sending me away. Please help


You can have lymph nodes on the back of your neck at the base of your scull. Mine are nothing, unless I get a sinus infection. They get larger when I get a cold.

If it really is a concern of yours and you are not confident with you doctor's answer, then ask to see an ENT. Ear-Nose-Throat doctors specialize in this and you should feel confident in their answer.