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So I have had tmj for awhile now and I was in a car accident in november. A month later I had swollen glands and once that started to go down I noticed I had this perment lump on my jaw and hasnt gone away since. It hurts when I open my jaw and when you go over it with my hand. any ideas on what it might be?


In the accident have you broken any of your bones? Was your jaw bone injured in any way? Where exactly if the lump located?

Lymph nodes tend to get swollen when you have an infection in your body. And considering that you were in an accident, you probably had an infection which the body was fighting. If the lymph nodes didn’t returned to normal size after the infection is gone, it might be blocked. Then you will need to drain the lymph node. The best option is to see a doctor, because I don’t think that it is smart to experiment at home with the lymph nodes. They are very important part of our defensive mechanism in the body.