Hi, im a 26 yr old male that has been dealing with ringing in the ears and pressure in base of skull for about two months. It started shortly after i was told my blood pressure was borderline high at 138/ 90 and really started about a week after i changed my diet cutting down on sodium, caffeine, and alcohol consumption. I have gotten my bp somewhat lower with readings averaging 126/85. The ringing comes and goes throughout the day but also subsided for about 2 weeks then came back. I originally thought it was my bp but had stress test done and my ears didnt ring during test when bp was 180/70 so drs eliminated that. So I went to ear nose and throat and all test came back fine. Dr told me that certain people experience ringing in ears time to time but i dont buy it. I also have some mild discomfort in my neck time to time which makes me tend to believe it could be a blow flow problem. But i also deal with minor anxiety specially when it comes to my health. Has anyone delt with anything similar or have any suggestions. Thank you