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  1. Hello i am 14 years old and very worried 
  2. 1. Apart from this last week i had no idea that the foreskin wasn't supposed to be attached to the glans. Well mine is and i started to pull the white bridge connecting the two apart. This caused it to pull part but also pulled a fine layer of skin off the glans which is red raw and stinging.  There is also a bunch of white stuff underneath the foreskin. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to retract my foreskin?

2. Also i have looked at a couple of webisites and i think i have fordyce spots. There are white dots on my shart and scrotum sometimes with hair growing on them, and if tou pinch them they are hard

However I also have them at the ery tip of my foreskin, these one are also whitish, hard but are much smaller and more clustured, i am more worried about these. What are they, how can i get rid of the, and i know this not for a couple of years but do women mind them and do they feel them during sex.

3. I am to embarrased to tell my parents and also we don't have enough money for treatment, which i presume is in the thousnands 


You've got a few years to get your foreskin retractable if you'd like it to be (2% to 4% of adults don't retract, and about half of those will get a doctor's help over it).  When the foreskin and glans are fused they share a common membrane called the synechia.  

Take it slowly and gently.  Just keep working it.  Clean what you can see and don't worry what you can't yet see.   If it hurts stop. 




Baby boys are born with the inner layer of the foreskin fused with the surface of the underlying glans penis. This is natural, normal, and protects against infection. Over some years the fusion spontaneously disintegrates and releases the inner foreskin. This usually happens prior to puberty, but not always.

Apparently, your foreskin has not yet released, although it probably is about ready to release due to your age. You can try peeling the foreskin away from the glans penis to see if you can break the remaining fusion. Do it carefully and little by little. It may take you several tries to get it all.

When you tear the foreskin away, the head will be red in color, where the separation occurred, for a while. Put some Vaseline under your foreskin to prevent it from re-adhering to the head.

If you can’t get it to separate by pulling on it, a urologist can help you. It is called “lysing”.

The white stuff is called smegma.

Smegma is a natural, normal, harmless, and healthy substance. It is a mixture of exfoliated skin and skin oils. Smegma collects under the foreskin. It is normally white in color.

It can get irritating if it stays for a long time without being washed away, so it is good practice to wash under the foreskin periodically.

Accumulated smegma may get hardened and difficult to remove if it stays a long time such as under a foreskin that is not retracted. Olive oil has been recommended for softening and removing hardened smegma.

Fordyce spots are harmless and do not require treatment.


i am a mother of two grown daughters and two young grandsons and all young men and women should feel secure and safe to talk to mum or dad about anything and everything, however it might be easier for you to talk to a teacher at school or to write down questions and leave the note for your dad to look at, parents have your best interests and will always have your back so remember they will feel pleased if you confide in them, i love when my children and grandchildren ask my advice, thats what family is all about,