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Hello ,

I have a had a mild tingling sensation at the tip of my tounge and lips for 11 months now.

There are times when I am conviced its been sexually transmitted to me !!

(I do have a recurring Thrush problem on my penis and been to the sexual healthclinic 4 times and the doctots once).

They say Im clear of sexual diseases but havent a clue what could be causing this tingling.

Ive stopped worring about it now. But would like to know if anyone can shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance.


Hypocalcemia or low blood calcium levels can specifically cause tingling in the tongue and lips. There are many other symptoms if the levels are very low...
such as hand/feet tingling, muscle spasms in the face, feet, and hands. Hypocalcemia can also result in depression, memory loss, or hallucinations.

Hypocalcemia can be caused by hypoparathyroidism, by failure to produce vitamin D (i.e not spending enough time in the sun), by low levels of blood magnesium, or by failure to get adequate amounts of calcium or vitamin D in the diet.

You can get a blood test to find out if your calcium is low, but investigation into why will also be necessary.

It may be nothing to do with calcium at all, but worth looking into on the net. maybe trying calcium and vit D suppliments to see if you get any relief.