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I am 5 years post-total thyroidectomy for pre-cancerous hurthle cell nodules. Ever since my body is totally deplete of Vitamin D. My doctor has been monitoring the vitamin deficiency and prescribing high dose supplement, but knows no reason why this is occurring. Does anyone else have this problem??


Hi Rascal,

You have to know that hypocalcemia is on the most frequent complications of total thyroidectomy. The cause of lack of vitamin D is because vitamin D is implicated in calcium absorption by body’s metabolism. You might have damaged your parathyroid during the process of total thyroidectomy. If this is the case you should talk to your doctor about this.

Do you have any auto immune diseases? Lack of vitamin D can be easily caused by some auto immune disease.

Can you tell me more about your diet? Do you eat foods that are rich with vitamin D? Are you taking any calcium supplements along with vitamin D? How is your production of vitamin B12? Some have problems with this vitamin also.