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Hi, I'm 24 and I have numbness and tingling in my hands and feet all day and night but the tingling and numbness gets worse in my feet in bed when i lie down. And I went to the doctor and he told me I might have low vitamin b levels but he doesn't know that as he didnt take any blood tests. I have been on the vitamin b tablets for a while now and they aren't helping me at all. Since I got this numbness and tingling in my feet worse in bed at night I can hardly sleep for more than 4 hours max. I have weird sensation in my feet and legs and I end up moving a lot and I don't know why.


Hello.. i dont see where you have been  to be checked by MRI or other.. for Multiple Sclerosis, that tingling is a common effect, do not be terrified.. its  nothing to fear.. but you do NEED to have it at least considered by qualified health professionals. It is still very difficult to diagnose by doctors that dont know to look for it, and 24 yrs of age.. is a common time frame for symptoms to manifest more often.  I have MS, and it took many years for the actual diagnosis, the sooner the better, and dont be afraid, with some awareness, and adjustments to your  outlook, you can handle it well.