I've been on Synthroid for the last two years and at the moment I'm at the 50mcg dosage. The main reason I'm looking up information on Tirosint is a major weight loss I've been experiencing the whole time I've been on Synthroid. My endocrinologist says that as long as my test results are fine I should continue with Synthroid, but since my insurance will cover the part of the cost for Tirosint, I might continue pushing him to swithch me.

What worries me though is that many of the people who switched started to experience almost hyperthyroidism symptoms, from anxiousness to complete lack of periods. Supposedly that's because Tirosint is in more pure form, but that actually might help me to get on lower dose and gain some weight. Since I at least have somewhat regular periods on Synthroid, it would help if someone who is on Tirosint share their experience.