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I'm just curious on others view on the subject. I have heard some horror stories about epidurals, and people who have been paralyzed by them. While the idea of a virtually pain free delivery sounds great, its it really worth the possible adverse affects on me and my new born possible knew born?

Personally, I would try and opt for all natural child birth. Needles really freak me out, and after all the horror stories, I don't know if I could do that. What are you opinions/experiences?

I'm NOT pregnant right now, I'm just curious for future reference! Thank you. :)


I have also heard of women who had back pain for years after having an epidural.  Forceps and episiotomies are also more likely with an epidural.  I had four natural births using the Bradley method.  I never had severe pain with contractions.  It was just a moderate, dull ache.  My experience is actually typical of those who use the Bradley method. It has a 90% rate of unmedicated births.  Actually 30% of those who use it say their labor is painless, but I was not so lucky.