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I've read all the stories on this site and now am more nervous than ever. I am a 20 year old female in good health, but my tonsils are HUGE, and I am frightened of complications.

I've also never been under anaesthesia or had any surgery. Does anyone know if the homeopathic remedy "arnica" will help? Any other people in my age range have experiences? Or anyone getting one this week, just had one or about to have one?


I just had surgery about 5 days ago i can already tell a difference in energy even though im still recovering and maybe its because im 14 i feel like that :? anyways it's okay to be nervous :D and if your tonsils are huge you may be able to tell a difference even after the surgery even though there swollen it may not get as big as your tonsils . that was my first surgery and i didnt react to the anesthsia but they put this Promethazine stuff in so i wouldnt throw up and i suggest asking other family members that went through surgery because you could react the same as them and remember to take your pain medication every 4 hours because i skipped all doses yesterday and i felt horrible today and im one of those people who hates having medicine in my body and we called my doctor and they say you can get worse if you dont take it when your supposed to :( but after i took it(forced myself) i feel fine :D

even if it hurts drink water or gaterade constantly it helps :)