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I'm 17 in 2 weeks and I've never been through this much pain in my life. I had them out on wednesday morning so id class this as day 3 since i went through wednesday aswell. I thought I'd be able to swallow just with great difficulty, but no, my uvula is so swollen that whenever I try to even drink water it shoots straight up my nose. I can cope with the pain, but its the constant spitting and the fact my thirst levels are hitting the roof. I managed to eat a few pieces of chicken on day 1 but since then I've had a mouthful of soup, tiny bit of ice-cream and barley any water. I can't swallow my meds which makes things worse, I feel like its gonna take ages! Parents keep telling me to be stronger, but there's nothing more I could do. I'd suggest if you don't badly need this operation then don't have it! I didn't need it, but I asked them to take them out as I had problems with breathing and food getting stuck under my tonsils, wish I never asked tbh!!


It gets better! Im had my tonsisls and adneoids taken out on monday 3/25 and its now saturday 3/30. And Im 21. make sure you drink more water. you dont want to get dehydrated. the water will help with your throat when it comes for your scabs to come off. I suggest drinking a Ensure, so you can get some vitamins and minerals. Today i can eat mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, ice cream, etc. make sure you drink water tho!