I'm on day 4, the recovery is highly dependent on the person - I understand that but am not finding one too similar to mine. Day 1, the pain from the surgery isn't too bad (to a degree), headaches, jaw pains, ear aches, dry mouth... my main problem is staying hydrated. I cannot swallow anything without drowning and painful coughing even the smallest amount of fluid. Popsicles are okay, they melt before I can finish them. The phlem I'm spitting up is outrageous, the pain of the codeine is not even worth it for me- I'm hoping this burning sensation will end. I just want to drink...I can't handle anything more then a teaspoon of liquid which I wash around and usually spit up most of it or drown with it coming out of my nose. I too sound hearing impaired (deaf) and have had some intense ear pain with the headaches. I just want to drink, I'm not even that hungry. I ate a ton the day b4 surgery and so far have tried soup, ice cream, popsicles, slushies, smoothies- not to the point of mashed potatoes but I know my tolerance with food is getting low- the hunger is coming. Is the phelm and constant drowning normal, I have to have ice chips ( slushed) all the time to minimalize the dehydration. I lean my head back to get some of the water/gatorade down and no luck constant choking and spitting everything up. The codeine is the worst part for me and constant trips to the blender. I'm making sure I pee because I have no idea how you people are eating and even drinking. My throat prevents it, I lean my head back to let a small amount through and I still start drowning and coughing hysterically with water out of my nose if I put too much water in it. I'm not a fan of pain meds- I don't have an addictive personality but the cons outweigh the pros so far in my experience. Hopefully week 2 I'll be able to drink- food I can deal without a little bit longer but I just want to drink and retain water. Help, I've put the codeine in ice chips, a syringe sipping ice chips after, the meds should help me so i can drink but without being able to keep them down idk what to do. I say the pains not too bad but the battle against dehydration is non stop for me. Any advice? Shouldn't I be able to drink more?